Trinity Vocational Training Center

Dear friends,
As some of you may have seen on our Facebook page (,
we on Saturday, October 16, were blessed by the
fact that we could open our new training center in
the slums of Tenali.

Here, we are able to teach
young single mothers and teen girls the trade of
sewing, so they after their three month course,
with our help, will be able to find a job at a clothing
factory, a repair shop or even start up a small
business for themselves.
By this, these girls will be able to generate an income
for themselves and their child, and thus are liberated
out of a life of dependence, poverty and abuse.

For us as a team this is the beginning of an existing
vision to bring education to and in the slums.
As soon as we financially can, we would like to start
reading and writing classes for children in the elementary
school age. The illiteracy rate here is overwhelming
among the people. The majority of the children here
have no opportunity to go to school, due to being to
poor, being Dalit, being orphaned without any caregivers
and have to beg and scavenge for a living.
Being able to read and write will give them an absolute
Education is the beginning of change.

How you can help:
* You can help us by becoming a prayer warrior for
our Ministry here in the slums of Tenali.
* You can help us by liking our Facebook page
( and by
sharing this Ministry with your friends and church
*You can help us by sponsoring one or more vocational
training students for 15 Euros/US$17,50 per month.
This will help us towards the renting and material costs
for their education.
*You can help us by sponsoring one of the 5 extra sewing
machines we could use for 95 Euros/US$110 each since the
new location space wise gives us the possibility to enroll
more students.

“And by knowledge shall its chambers (of every area)
be filled with all precious and pleasant riches”
Proverbs 24:4 Amp.

Be blessed,
Rev. Dr. Jan

An Amazing Update For the Tenali Slums

Dear friends,
It is time to give you an update on
what the Lord allows us to do here in Tenali.
Something really awesome is happening in our
Ministry here in the Tenali slums. The Lord is
opening doors that, until now, have been closed.
We draw the positive attention of government officials and managers of the bank we work with here.
From both the government and the bank, officials
came and helped us share the food with those in

For us as leaders, Ps. A. and myself, but
certainly also for our team of volunteers,
the children and the other people in the
slums, it means that they and their deprived
situations have been seen and recognized.
The number of children and teens that need
our help is increasing and we at date reach
out to about 500 of them with our food program.
But also the old, the sick and the disabled are
calling on us for help and the overall situation
here is serious and, looking at numbers, sometimes
overwhelming. Lockdowns and restrictive
measures made the situation of these extremely
poor people here even worse than it was.

It really is a miracle looking at living circumstances
here in the slums and the number of people we contact,
none of our staff and volunteers is sick with covid and
also here in ‘our’ slums, the children and others are healthy.
With the team of volunteers, huge amounts of food are prepared and cooked very early in the morning, transported to the slums and distributed, but the need is great and asks for us to do more.
We would like to ask you to team up with us as a prayer warrior
for this part of our Ministry, and if in any way possible to become
a financial partner so we may enlarge the place of our tent of presence here.

“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your
habitations be stretched out; spare not; lengthen your cords
and strengthen your stakes”
Isaiah 54:2 Amp.

Be blessed,
Rev. Dr. Jan

If led to support us any donation towards our ABN AMRO
bank account or via the PayPal button on our website is more
than welcome and will make the difference in the life of a child.
*None of our staff or volunteers receive any salary or allowance
from donations for this project so your donation will go to the
work for the full 100%*

India – Challenges

Dear friends,
When you are a young teenaged girl that is
challenged in her development, life is very, very hard here on the streets of the Tenali slums.

Especially when you have no one to take
care of you and you have to fend for yourself.
You are even more of an outcast than the others in the slums and subject to all sort of verbal, mental, physical and even sexual abuse.
By our presence here, we do not only see to
the fact that there is food, but certainly also
offer some ways of protection.

As the father of special need kids myself it
absolutely is my heart’s desire to bring, these, children into a safe and loving shelter home with qualified staff where they get all the spiritual and medical care they need.

Please join me in prayer and fasting for this,
so the Lord may open His Store House with
all the financial provision needed for making this a reality.
These girls are completely defenseless and
absolutely need our help.

Be blessed,
Rev. Dr. Jan
If interested in helping us to establish this special shelter home please contact me by email at:

If led to support our overall Ministry here in Tenali, India, any one time or regular donation towards
our ABN AMRO bank account or via the PayPal button on our website is more than welcome.

Matthew 18:6:

“But whoever causes one of these little oneswho believe in and acknowledge and cleave to Me to stumble and sin (that is, who entices him/her or hinders him/her in right conduct or thought), it would be better (more expedient and profitable or advantageous) for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be sunk in the depth of the sea”

Tenali Slum Project Update

Dear friends,
Greetings on behalf of all here in Tenali,
Andhra Pradesh, India.
God is good and worthy to be praised.
We are overjoyed and blessed by the fact
that we may cooperate with two fantastic
people here in Tenali. Ps. A. and his wife Ps V.
plus a fantastic team of volunteers.

Without these two wonderful and Godly
people and the team of volunteers, all with a
big heart for children in need, the food program
for the children in the slums would not be possible.
And neither would be the vocational training program
for teen girls, widows and installing clean water
pumps whenever we can.
In special now, when the situation caused by COVID
in India makes it even more difficult for the people
and specifically the children in the slums to survive,
our help is more important than ever.

The food program prevents that young children have
to beg and scavenge for food in dustbins or whatever they
find on the streets and it prevents young girls from being
The vocational (sewing) training is aimed at teen girls,
young widows and mothers that are abandoned by their
With this vocational training we offer them the opportunity
to learn and trade so they can foresee in the cost of living
for themselves and their children.

Installing clean water pumps means clean drinking and cooking
water, which has a great impact on overall health here.

But looking at the large and ever growing population that
have to live here, a lot is needed.

*We would like to feed more children
*We would like to give more women a change in the vocational training
*We would like to install more clean water pumps

Please pray with us that the Lord may open His Store House
and that He will provide us with the funding needed.
And if led to support our Ministry here, any donation towards
our ABN AMRO bank account or via the PayPal button on our
website is more than welcome.

May the Lord bless you all,
Rev. Dr. Jan

Huge Update – India

Dear friends,
It has been quite a while since we published a blog.
Several reasons were due to this:

Working here is
difficult and not without risk, sometimes making it
necessary to publish less.
Next to that, we have seen that blogs and publications
on Facebook among other activities did not bring the
results we hoped and prayed for.
All this did not mean that the work as a whole was halted
but it sure slowed it down.
For us, more reason to pray things over and to see how the Lord
was leading us in what we do and could do further.
The situation in the world at time is such that the need in
the two projects, Tenali and Bhimavaram, is undiminished.
This, for us, is reason to reach out to those in need even
harder and to share the things we have on our hearts and are
so seriously needed with you.

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Baan Zion – One Village at a Time Update

Dear friends,

Greetings and blessings from all of us.
We already are in the month of June and as many of you have read in our
news flashes, lots of things are happening in our Baan Zion Ministry.
Our in-living girls are doing well and being here I cannot say anything else
than they, together with our staff, function as a close knitted Christian family.
As they grow up, it gets more and more evident how great the blessing of
Baan Zion has been and is in their overall development and growth in
the Lord. They are the future change makers.

But there is more. As you know we have started our “One village at the time” project with the aim to help and change the lives of girls in the villages of whom the mother is in prison.

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Baan Zion – The Year of Restoration

Dear friends,

The Lord promised that 2019 would be the year of “RESTORATION” for us.
And we do experience this restoration and renewal
in the things that are happening.

*For the first time in 16 years of Ministry here, we now
have a house of our own.
*In January we could start our new “One village at the time
*And since February a church in the USA teamed up with us.

But all these blessings do not mean that we can sit back. On
the contrary, it gives us even more drive and motivation to reach
out to girls in need and rescue them from the hands of our adversary.

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Baan Zion – One Village at a Time Project

Dear friends,

Time to give an update on our new project.
“One Village at the Time”

As mentioned in previous blogs, news flashes and our Facebook page, we next to our Baan Zion home per January of this year officially started with helping girls of imprisoned mothers living with their poor grandparents in the Hill Tribe villages.

This apart from the support we do give to girls that live in Baan Zion, but can be reunited with from prison released mothers. Support to set up a new and better life and if needed can continue up to two years.

After taking the first girl into this new program, word in her village but also the surrounding villages spread fast.
Even toward Hill Tribe villages as far as 70 kilometers away.
The number of applications for help really overwhelmed us, and are still coming in.

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Pray For A Breakthrough – India

Dear friends,

In my previous blog I mentioned Matthew 9:37 in which the Lord is saying that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

There is an abundance in harvest waiting here. The so many children, teens and adults who need us and who we try to help.
And in our case we are blessed with a fantastic team of workers, volunteers that give all their time and energy and even looking at severe persecution put their lives on the line to help.

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