Since the beginning of 2018 we as a Foundation have been given an
opportunity to start new projects in the slum area’s of Tenali,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Slum info
In this slum area between 5,000 and 7,000 people are living in
self made huts, without water, electricity or any form of sanitation.
There, for all these people is only one old and rusted waterpump. Water
for drinking, cooking and washing is taken from a dirty stream.
A stream also used as garbage dump, and a place where people have to relieve themselves.

These people belong to the lowest cast possible being the Dalit, or
untouchables. People without any rights or possibilities to change their
situation because of their cast.
They really have nothing, let alone any form of healthcare and education.

Because of their cast and lack in any form of education, it is simply
impossible to find a job. Fathers and mothers roam the streets in the
hope of finding plastic and paper, which they can sell and have some
money to feed their children. Most of the time they just can not.

Children therefor from a young age onwards, also have to roam the streets
to beg for some money or food. And like their parents, they have to collect
whatever they can find to earn some money for the family.

But more often than not, these children, have to eat from the garbage bins
or go to bed hungry. Next to children who have parents that try, but are unable to take care, there are also many orphaned and abandoned children.
The extreme poverty and lack of food, makes that girls often are forced to
provide “special services” or even are “hired out” and/or end up in brothels.

The project consists of three main goals:

  1. Feeding as many children as possible every day.
    A feeding program has been started and our aim is to give as many children
    as we financially can at least one decent nutricious meal every day.
  2. Improve the overall health situation, beginning with clean water pumps and health education. We meantime have installed several new clean water pumps, so this greatly contributes to the health situation of the children and their families. Looking at the number of people we at least need to instal 10 more pumps.
  3. Set up of basic education and vocational training.

Education is the beginning of change.
Per September of 2018 we want to start basic education for the children in
elementary school age. And, for the teen girls and boys, we per September of 2018 want to start a vocational training program. Sowing, bicycle and electronics repair, if possible basic IT knowledge and how to set up a small shop etc.

All these projects cost money to realize and maintain, and we really need your prayers and so the Lord may lead your financial donations.

God bless you,
Rev. Jan