Trinity Vocational Training Center

Dear friends,
As some of you may have seen on our Facebook page (,
we on Saturday, October 16, were blessed by the
fact that we could open our new training center in
the slums of Tenali.

Here, we are able to teach
young single mothers and teen girls the trade of
sewing, so they after their three month course,
with our help, will be able to find a job at a clothing
factory, a repair shop or even start up a small
business for themselves.
By this, these girls will be able to generate an income
for themselves and their child, and thus are liberated
out of a life of dependence, poverty and abuse.

For us as a team this is the beginning of an existing
vision to bring education to and in the slums.
As soon as we financially can, we would like to start
reading and writing classes for children in the elementary
school age. The illiteracy rate here is overwhelming
among the people. The majority of the children here
have no opportunity to go to school, due to being to
poor, being Dalit, being orphaned without any caregivers
and have to beg and scavenge for a living.
Being able to read and write will give them an absolute
Education is the beginning of change.

How you can help:
* You can help us by becoming a prayer warrior for
our Ministry here in the slums of Tenali.
* You can help us by liking our Facebook page
( and by
sharing this Ministry with your friends and church
*You can help us by sponsoring one or more vocational
training students for 15 Euros/US$17,50 per month.
This will help us towards the renting and material costs
for their education.
*You can help us by sponsoring one of the 5 extra sewing
machines we could use for 95 Euros/US$110 each since the
new location space wise gives us the possibility to enroll
more students.

“And by knowledge shall its chambers (of every area)
be filled with all precious and pleasant riches”
Proverbs 24:4 Amp.

Be blessed,
Rev. Dr. Jan