India – Challenges

Dear friends,
When you are a young teenaged girl that is
challenged in her development, life is very, very hard here on the streets of the Tenali slums.

Especially when you have no one to take
care of you and you have to fend for yourself.
You are even more of an outcast than the others in the slums and subject to all sort of verbal, mental, physical and even sexual abuse.
By our presence here, we do not only see to
the fact that there is food, but certainly also
offer some ways of protection.

As the father of special need kids myself it
absolutely is my heart’s desire to bring, these, children into a safe and loving shelter home with qualified staff where they get all the spiritual and medical care they need.

Please join me in prayer and fasting for this,
so the Lord may open His Store House with
all the financial provision needed for making this a reality.
These girls are completely defenseless and
absolutely need our help.

Be blessed,
Rev. Dr. Jan
If interested in helping us to establish this special shelter home please contact me by email at:

If led to support our overall Ministry here in Tenali, India, any one time or regular donation towards
our ABN AMRO bank account or via the PayPal button on our website is more than welcome.

Matthew 18:6:

“But whoever causes one of these little oneswho believe in and acknowledge and cleave to Me to stumble and sin (that is, who entices him/her or hinders him/her in right conduct or thought), it would be better (more expedient and profitable or advantageous) for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be sunk in the depth of the sea”