Baan Zion – The Year of Restoration

Dear friends,

The Lord promised that 2019 would be the year of “RESTORATION” for us.
And we do experience this restoration and renewal
in the things that are happening.

*For the first time in 16 years of Ministry here, we now
have a house of our own.
*In January we could start our new “One village at the time
*And since February a church in the USA teamed up with us.

But all these blessings do not mean that we can sit back. On
the contrary, it gives us even more drive and motivation to reach
out to girls in need and rescue them from the hands of our adversary.

Looking at Baan Zion, we with our new house are blessed
above anything we could have dreamed of or prayed for.
Our girls have a perfect house to live in, more than sufficient
food on the table, good clothing, healthcare and schooling.

They, living with us, get possibilities in life they would never
have had when still in their villages. And we are grateful for that.
But grateful above all, that they have the main thing in their life that
money cannot buy or satisfy. They have Jesus as their Lord and Savior
with Whom they based on personal choices walk in a direct relationship.

But there is more, or better phrased, there are more girls that really
need our help.
Girls of who the mother is in prison and that need a safe place in
our home(s).

Girls that cannot be helped with our “One Village at the Time” Project,

(see our previous blog) simply because it is not safe to stay in their village
without the proper care they need, the abuse, the sexual exploitation and
the eminent treat of human trafficking.

We really must rescue these girls no one cares about or protects, and bring
them out of these very child unworthy and dangerous situations.

We just cannot stand by and see how the lives of young girls are destroyed.

You can become a life changer by joining us in our fight for these girls and
help us to bring them into our care.

If you feel led to financially support us please go to the donation info on this
website. Any amount can make the difference.

God bless you all,
Rev. Dr. Jan