Pray For A Breakthrough – India

Dear friends,

In my previous blog I mentioned Matthew 9:37 in which the Lord is saying that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

There is an abundance in harvest waiting here. The so many children, teens and adults who need us and who we try to help.
And in our case we are blessed with a fantastic team of workers, volunteers that give all their time and energy and even looking at severe persecution put their lives on the line to help.


When here, living among them and seeing what is going on, is breaking my heart and just makes me cry.

Albert Einstein said,
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing

We just can not afford to waste another generation of children, now convicted to extreme poverty, sickness, malnutrition, slavery, no change of education, all sorts of abuse and possible trafficking.

The time is here and the time is now to enlarge our impact in this over 7000 soul slum.
The time is here and now to make a definite impact in the lives of the many
(semi orphaned and abandoned) children and by this the community as a whole.

But we desperately need funding to do this. We at date reach out to over
200 children in this slum alone.
Feeding one child 3 times a day only cost $19,50 per month.

Unfortunately, the place we could rent for our vocational training without
further reason has been cancelled. This means we are in desperate need of a
new place to ensure the future of young girls and teens, keep them
of the streets, offer them a future and break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

We do have the opportunity to rent a place in this slum but it needs a huge
about $3,000 overhaul to make it suitable.
We need to install a proper floor, wind and rain tight walls and a toilet area,
next to some extra chairs and a locker.
And we are in need of 10 extra sewing machines at only $95 each due to the
large demand.

Please pray for our needs and if you feel the Lord is leading you to help,
you can do this by sharing our Ministry with family and friends, your church and or any sports club you may be a member of.
And of course any donation towards our Ministry is welcome, to make the
difference in the lives of those who need you and us.

God bless you all,
Rev. Dr. Jan