Baan Zion Update – Where Have We Been?

Dear friends,

It has been a while since you heard from us and saw frequent
posts on our Facebook pages.
The reason is not alarming, but caused by travel and I am staying in
Baan Zion in Thailand. Internet here is not that great and it has its vulnerabilities.

Reason for my long stay here, first of all of course are our girls and
seeing how they are doing, spending time with them and where
needed have conversations about what ever is on their minds
or needed.

Next to this, it of course is important to see how the ministry as a whole
is running and give on the spot personal support to my two leaders.

And, for which all the Honor and Glory is given to Jesus, I as mentioned in my previous blogs and our news flash, during this stay am enabled to buy our first own property. Of course we have sought the cooperation of an official broker and a trustworthy Christian Thai lawyer.

The latter being the most important because too many
things here absolutely are not as they seem.

My two leaders and I have viewed numerous houses, but none satisfied our
specific needs. Too expensive, not enough bedrooms, no outside space etc.

But Praise the Lord we have found the perfect place and now are in the process of buying and getting all legal paperwork done.
As soon as all of this is completed we will update you again.

God bless you all,
Rev. Dr. Jan