Prayer Request For Tenali, India

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”
Matthew 9:37
Dear friends,
As promised, time for a new blog.
On Facebook I already wrote that a lot is happening here in Tenali and
it is. We are on the crossroads of an enormous breakthrough in expanding
our Ministry here. The harvest here is absolutely plentiful!!!
We serve in this large slum with about 7000 people and in previous
blogs and on our Facebook page, I already told you about the poverty
and in fact inhuman circumstances under which people, men, women and children have to live.
A situation where young children and in special girls in general always suffer the most.

We do as much as we can in sharing food for the children, installing clean
water pumps for the community as a whole and the modest start up of
vocational training, by saying what we do and doing what we say, we
have gained the trust of this community and its leaders.
A community that no one helps, because they are the untouchables and for society unclean and unworthy people. No one goes there but us.
*What we see as a result of that, is that we make a difference, how modest
in itself it may be until now.
*That by our presence and activities we create hope.
*That on the days we are sharing food, children do not have to roam the
streets, eat from garbage bins or have to provide special services.
*That mothers have access to clean water to give to their children and cook
their meals.
*That the set up of a vocational training, how primitive it now may be due
to lack of a good roof over our head, brings teen girls motivation and determination to change their hopeless situation.
*That the harvest is plentiful and we do have local workers, but we just simply have a huge lack in sufficient financial means, to serve this community to the full.
Of course we are grateful for the things we are allowed to do now and
surely have faith, that we can and will be able to do more. But we cannot
do this alone.
One of the hardest things for me as a missionary out in the field and daily
being confronted with the immense need in the place we serve, is and will
stay asking for donations so we can do the things we have to.
Being, helping the helpless and the hopeless, the downtrodden and the
abused, out of the love of Jesus for the lost.
Looking at the above, I this time would really like to appeal to you, to pray or think about the fact if you by any donation can help us to help.
All change starts by the action of one.
May the Lord bless you abundantly,
Rev. Dr. Jan