India Tenali Slum Project Update: The Food Project

“Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor,
will also cry out and not be answered”
Proverbs 21:13

Being here in Tenali is an ongoing very humbling experience.
Seeing the need and the desolation of the people here, you
cannot do anything else than realize how blessed we are
and how much we consider as natural in the West.

And we really stand at awe, when we see how much of an impact
we are already starting to make in this huge slum, by placing
clean water pumps, feeding the so many children, and offering
young girls and single mothers the opportunity for a future by
learning to sew and having their own sewing machine, so they can
make a living.

And with we, I in special mean the fantastic people in the team.
People that prepare and share the food among the children.
A huge task done with love and compassion given by the Lord Jesus
for these precious children.
Without the help of Ps. Abraham, his wife Vijaya and our brothers
Moses, Ramesh and Sravani, just to mention some, feeding so many
of these needy children would be impossible.

But with an estimated 5000 to 7000 men, women and children in
this slum, that without help have no chance of bettering their lives,
we need to do more.

Lining Up For A Meal

Everyone's lining up for a meal!We in this slum, now are blessed in sharing meals for 200 children and are grateful for your prayers.God bless you all.Rev. Dr. Jan

Geplaatst door India – ZCCT op Maandag 6 augustus 2018

Please continue to pray for our Ministry here, so that we may be fruitful
in helping those in need.
And may the Lord lead you, any donation via our PayPall button on the
website is welcome.

God bless you,
Rev. Dr. Jan