Baan Zion Update – Moving is Close

“Except the Lord builds the house,
they labor in vain who build it”
Psalm 127:1a Amplified Bible

There is a time and place for everything under the sun.
And the best time and place are the ones determined by
the Lord Jesus Himself.
Sometimes difficult to wait for in patience, but if we do
in faith, the result will always bless us in ways we could not
arrange ourselves.

For us here in Baan Zion, it is a time of great anticipation
knowing that this year will bring a major change in our
living circumstances. Being the moment we later this year
will buy and move to our new house(s).
A moment that now is coming close very fast.

Moving will not only bring a huge change in the living circumstances
for our present girls, but also may give us the opportunity to help
more girls, that are under the direct threat of abuse and human

It will also mean, that we can and will set in an important
organizational change. Our girls are growing up, and some of the older
girls take up more and more responsibilities in the house.
In fact looking at now, already one of my girls together with my
manager is completely running Baan Zion when I cannot be there.

That is a huge blessing and something Ellen and I have worked for
and towards, raising our girls in leadership. Something not normal
in this society where girls, and in special those from minority groups
like ours, are considered as far less and certainly treated that way.

This means that we in the near future, will be able to do with less staff
and do things together as a huge family, being self sufficient with the
qualities and talents we have in the house.

Please pray for us, and so the Lord leads any donation towards Baan Zion
will help us to help more girls.

May God bless you,
Rev. Dr. Jan