It was a day of celebration in the Tenali slum. We were allowed to make a difference in the lives of the there living people.

This day is a day of great change for these people seeing that we love them with the love of Jesus and are committed to make the difference for them and their children.

For years, this more than 5000 soul community had to do with one
rusted water pump.

Water was taken from a nearby stream. Polluted, full of germs and bacteria. Water used for cooking, cleaning and even drinking. A source for many unneeded diseases of which in special the children suffered.

Installing new water pumps for this community is a life changer to such an extend that even local politicians attended the blessing of this new source of clean water.

Women, mothers and children were lining up to fill their water jars.

The Gospel of Jesus, that He is the living water could be preached and had a deep impact in all. We are looking forward to a great change in this community to come.

To further our Ministry in this community we absolutely need your help.

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All donations towards our community and children’s program are more than welcome.

God bless you,
Rev. Jan