Update Tenali slum project

Dear friends,

Time for an update about our Tenali slum project.

Feeding the children
Right now as many times as financially possible meals are shared. But looking at the enormous need we want to grow towards a structured daily meal sharing for as many children possible.

Children like this little girl and many others like her are desperate for our help.

If we can provide meals it means that she does not have to roam the streets, she does not have to beg, she does not have to eat from the garbage bins and she does not have to provide “special services”.

We can prepare 1 meal for a child for only 25 Euro cents. How many meals will you help us to prepare ?

Please make your donation today. Any amount is welcome.

Community development
This week, the first water pumps will be installed and ready for use. This will make a huge difference for this large community of about 5000 souls that until now had to do with only one rusted water pump.

The difference that these two simple pumps bring for the health of the there living children is beyond what we in the West can imagine.

But more pumps are needed and your donation of 200 Euro will help us to install another source of life changing water.

Education project
With our local friend and fellow Pastor Abraham and his team we are in full swing in setting up basic education and vocational training for the children and teens in this deprived slum, where they as Dalit have no change for any education what so ever.

We do face some spiritual resistance so we would appreciate your prayers.

Rev Jan

For your information: donations can only be made by PayPal or via our Dutch ABN bank account.