“Water of life”

We are overjoyed, that so many of you have reacted to our
new children’s project in Tenali, India.

This special project starts to get in full swing, and this week we will be able to make the first major changes for the people living there.

Apart from our feeding the children and schooling project we also feel obliged to contribute to this community as a whole.

Several thousands of people depend on one outdated and rusted water pump for drinking, cooking and washing.

Often therefor  water is taken from a dirty stream of water that runs next to this slum. For the overall hygiene, so in special the health of the children, this  is a real shame to say the least.

This week we will start with the drilling of the first two extra wells and the installation of two more water pumps.

Of course we hope that we will be able to do more in the future. More news about the school and feeding program will follow this week.

God bless you all.
Rev. Jan