Slum project, Tenali, India

Dear friends,

As I communicated in a previous blog; we have teamed up with Ps. Abraham
in Tenali, India.

This brother and his family, next to their own children’s home, have a
calling to help the children in one of the major slum area’s. As I have
described, living circumstances there are beyond any comprehension.
In this slum several thousands of people, the exact number is unknown, are
living in makeshift huts.

These people belong to the lowest cast. The Dalit or untouchables. Or
as they are also named, the unclean.

In this slum there is no water, electricity or any form of sanitation. For these people and their children there is no regular housing, no healthcare and no schooling. Almost 100% of the people in this slum are illiterate.

Parents daily roam the streets to collect plastic and paper they can sell, and so earn some money for their families. But earning an average of 1 or if lucky 2 US$ a day can never feed their families.

Children therefor are also forced to go out begging every day for some money or food, but more often then not, have to eat from the garbage bins.

Girls of course are at high risk and often are ‘hired out’ to get some money for the family, and/or end up in brothels or Human Trafficking.

Ps. Abraham tries to bring some hope, the Love of Jesus and some food for
the children as much as he can from his very limited means. Bringing 1 egg or some rice to as many children as possible one or two times a month, here for these children is a treat they normally can not afford.

Our goal is to prepare and bring 1 nutritious meal to as many children as
possible every day.

But more is needed to break the cycle of poverty. Next to being Dalit, illiteracy makes that even the most simple of jobs, are not open to them.

Education is the key to change, education is a bridge towards development
and a better life.

Now there is no education at all. Ps. Abraham and we feel led by the Lord
to start up some basic education for these children.

Since we want this to have real impact, it must be acknowledged by the
authorities and for this we do need at least one official teacher, and of
course a place that can function as a simple class room/study hall in the slum.

At date we have almost all info together and all that is needed arranged,
for both our feeding program as well as what is needed for our schooling

We do hope to inform you soon about how, if led by the Lord, you may help
us or financially may contribute to this very special children’s project.

(Financial donations towards this project for now are only possible through
our Dutch Foundation’s bank account with ABN/AMRO for which a PayPal
button is in the making)

For more information, you can send me an email at

God bless you,
Rev. Jan